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Developed by Eugene Gendlin, focusing is an intuitive meditation practice for accessing the wisdom of the body, with the support of a compassionate, reflective listener. It is an opportunity to receive profound insight and renewed energy for creative living.

Individual Focusing

In a one-hour conversation:


  • experience focusing meditation, with the support of a certified trainer;


  • practice conscious embodiment;


  • access your deepest intuitions;


  • discover and integrate your body's healing wisdom;


  • explore opportunities for creative action revealed by your felt sense.

This is an image of the pearlescent interior of a nautilus shell.
This is an image of an outdoor labyrinth made of stones laid on a beach.

Focusing-Enriched Workshops & Retreats

In workshops and retreats:


  • try focusing practices in guided meditations;


  • center in presence;


  • enhance your awareness of your body;


  • renew your connection to your inner depths;


  • expand your capacity for experience.

This is an image of a rainbow arching over turquoise seawater as the sun sets on the horizon.

"Your body knows the direction of healing and life. If you take the time to listen to it through focusing, it will give you the steps in the right direction."

—Eugene Gendlin, Focusing, p. 89

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