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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a conscious pause in the flow of life to reflect on the sacred depths of your experiences, with the support of a compassionate and discerning listener. It is an opportunity to explore your spirituality and to honor your inner wisdom.

Individual Spiritual Direction

In a one-hour conversation:


  • reflect on your life's journey, with the support of a certified spiritual director;


  • become more receptive to your inner wisdom;


  • deepen your spirituality;


  • renew your sense of meaning, purpose, and hope;


  • develop ways of living that support your own and others' flourishing.

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Soul Circle

In a two-hour group gathering:


  • enjoy spiritual community with a group of fellow seekers chosen by you;


  • engage in regular reflection on the sacred depths of your life experiences;


  • enliven your spiritual practices;


  • enhance your capacities for receptive presence, nonjudgmental witnessing, empathic resonance, and inspired discernment;


  • experience guided meditations.

Possible Questions to Explore in Spiritual Direction

O  When I reflect on my experiences, what awakens my curiosity? What patterns or themes do I notice?

O  How am I changing? What are my growing edges?

O  What are life's invitations now? What do I desire?

O  What are my gifts? How might I develop and share them?

O  How might I grow in virtues like kindness, generosity, courage, and authenticity?

O  How might I meet opportunities and challenges with presence, compassion, and discernment?

O  What is my longing? What is my calling? How might they converge?

O  How do I experience the divine? How might I welcome such intimacy?

O  What spiritual practices are life-giving for me now? How might I engage in them wholeheartedly?

O  What helps me to center in prayer? How might I cultivate loving awareness?

O  When do I experience meaningful connections with others? How might I nurture community?

O  In this season of my life, what do I feel drawn to release and to embrace? What are my next steps?

O  How might I need to heal? What people, places, and practices might support me?

O  What have I learned about love? How might I tend my relationships?

O  How might I draw on spiritual resources to address violence, injustice, and suffering?

O  How might I cherish my body, my birthright ally for spiritual transformation?

O  How might I enhance my vitality and openness to life?

O  How might I expand my capacities for wonder, play, creativity, and joy?

O  How might I commune with sacred mystery in nature? How might I honor the Earth?

O  How might I savor awe?

O  How might I experience and express gratitude for all the gifts of life?


How often would we meet for spiritual direction?

Typically, spiritual-direction meetings are monthly. However, other arrangements can be made in response to important events.

How longstanding is a spiritual-direction relationship?

Many spiritual-direction relationships develop over years and tend to be assessed every six months. In your reflection, you would discern whether spiritual direction is an authentic support for your wholeness and flourishing. You might also explore and renew your commitment to inner work and spiritual transformation. Of course, you are welcome at any time to propose changes to the ways in which spiritual-direction sessions unfold.

Is spiritual direction confidential?

Yes. However, in keeping with mandatory reporting laws, there are required exceptions to confidentiality. For more information on the ethical commitments of spiritual directors, please read Spiritual Directors International's Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

Must I identify with a particular religion to participate in spiritual direction?

No. All seekers are welcome in spiritual direction, including those who do not identify as "religious." Moreover, questions, doubts, and struggles are common experiences in psychospiritual development. My expertise is in contemplative Christian spirituality.

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"And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our feet, and learn to be at home."

—Wendell Berry, The Unforeseen Wilderness, p. 43

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