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Dreamwork is a holistic practice of intuitively exploring the symbolic insights, emotional resonances, and vital energies of your dreams to bring their transformative wisdom into your conscious awareness as a resource for creative action. It is an opportunity to live with renewed authenticity, freedom, and wholeness.

Individual Dreamwork

In a one-hour conversation:


  • engage in creative self-care, with the support of a Jungian-trained dreamworker;


  • expand your capacities for wonder, play, and imagination;


  • cultivate a friendship with your inner depths;


  • discover and integrate the healing wisdom of your dreams;


  • respond with conscious awareness to opportunities revealed by your dreams.

This is an image of a full moon shining over a Florida beach.
This is an image of a pod of four bottle-nosed dolphins leaping over an ocean wave.

Dream Circle

In a two-hour group gathering:


  • enjoy imaginative community with a group of fellow dreamers chosen by you;


  • learn creative ways to explore the symbolic richness of your dreams;


  • enhance your inner work;


  • renew your vitality by engaging with the life-giving energies of your own and others' dreams;


  • experience guided meditations.

Water Ripple

"When we approach a dream as a gift, we give it a loving response. The work of love is attention."

—Louis M. Savary, Patricia H. Berne, & Strephon Kaplan Williams,

Dreamwork and Spiritual Growth, p. 10

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