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individual appointment

  • 1 h
  • 80 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting


* Engage in creative self-care, with the support of a Jungian-trained dreamworker. * Expand your capacities for wonder, play, and imagination. * Cultivate a friendship with your inner depths. * Discover and integrate the healing wisdom of your dreams. * Respond with conscious awareness to opportunities revealed by your dreams. In preparation for our meeting, please choose a dream that you would like to explore: for example, a recent dream, a recurring dream, or a memorable dream from a previous season of your life. To aid your memory during our meeting, write a narrative account of your dream in the present tense (e.g., “I am walking through the neighborhood at night, down a path that leads directly to the beach. Suddenly, a dark wave rushes toward me.”) Writing in the present tense can help you to reconnect more fully with your dream and to remember forgotten details. You might also enjoy giving your dream a working title (e.g., "Dark Wave"). Alternatively, during our meeting, you might wish to discuss a theme/pattern in your dreams or to reflect on a dream-inspired creative work (e.g., a clay figure, a mandala, or a SoulCollage® card). It is important that you feel safe enough to explore the dream that you decide to share with me. PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: * The fee for 50-60 minutes of individual dreamwork is $80. If you need an adjusted rate, please discuss this possibility with me during your free initial consultation. * You may pay before our meeting or afterward by invoice. For an invoice, please select "Pay in person" in the payment drop-down menu when booking your appointment. * To cancel or to reschedule, please contact me ( at least 24 hours in advance of our meeting for a refund. Otherwise, you will be charged the designated fee for the appointment. * If you arrive for an appointment more than 10 minutes late, the meeting will be canceled, yet you will nevertheless be charged for the full session. * Similarly, if I invite you to reschedule an appointment, with less than 24 hours of notice, you will not be charged for the replacement meeting.

Contact Details

(734) 474-4603

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