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Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a creative practice of self-exploration in which you intuitively combine found images and personal photographs to make visual collages on cards that symbolize aspects of yourself, important inner resources, and cherished family, friends, and mentors. Making and dialoguing with your cards is an opportunity for healing self-reflection.

Individual SoulCollage®

In a one-hour conversation:


  • explore your SoulCollage® cards, with the support of a trained facilitator;


  • learn ways to deepen your SoulCollage® practice;


  • become more receptive to your intuition;


  • discover and integrate the healing wisdom of your SoulCollage® cards;


  • respond with conscious awareness to opportunities revealed by your SoulCollage® cards.

This image is a close-up view of kintsugi pottery.
This image is a close-up view of sea glass.

Community SoulCollage®

In workshops and retreats:


  • cultivate a friendship with your inner depths;


  • learn creative ways to engage with your SoulCollage® cards;


  • make SoulCollage® cards in response to inspiring themes;


  • receive generative questions for dialoguing with your SoulCollage® cards;


  • experience guided meditations to inspire your SoulCollage® practice.


"Creativity is the ability to take what exists and change it into something new through unique, responsive acts. It puts imagination into action."

—Shaun McNiff, Imagination in Action, p. 1

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