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Anne Lawrence, Ph.D.

I support individuals and groups in exploring the meaningful depths of their life experiences. I also design and guide creative workshops and retreats, enabling participants to access their inner wisdom through transformative practices with nature and the expressive arts. I offer deep listening, compassionate presence, wise discernment, and creative support.

My Story

A long-term practitioner of contemplative Christian spirituality, I am Episcopalian and an active member of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in St. Petersburg, FL. Currently, I am a doctoral student in Christian spirituality at Virginia Theological Seminary, an Episcopal seminary. My research focuses on creative practices that support holistic spirituality, including imaginative prayer, artistic expression, and reverential experiences with nature.

I am a graduate of the Center for Action and Contemplation's Living School, a two-year program of study on contemplative spirituality, Christian mysticism, and compassionate service. During this transformative experience, I studied with the program's founder, Richard Rohr, with core faculty Cynthia Bourgeault, James Finley, and Barbara Holmes, and with visiting teachers, including Ilia Delio and Mirabai Starr. I have also participated in Cynthia Bourgeault's Wisdom School.

I completed a two-year certification program in contemplative Christian spiritual direction through Oasis, under the supervision of Glenn Mitchell, followed by an additional year of advanced training and a nine-month certification program to offer the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. With Oasis, I served for three years as a teacher/supervisor for prospective spiritual directors. Through my private practice, The Soul Companion, LLC, I offer both individual and group spiritual direction and guide the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, a thirty-week extended personal retreat.

In addition, I graduated from the Haden Institute's two-year training program in Jungian dreamwork. Likewise, I have studied Dream Tending with depth psychologist Stephen Aizenstat. As a spiritual director, I facilitate both individual and group dreamwork and offer dream-centered workshops and retreats. I engage participants in creative activities that help them to explore their richly meaningful dreams and to receive healing guidance for their lives.

Similarly, I am a trained facilitator of SoulCollage®. Created by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is an arts-based practice of self-exploration and integration, in which participants combine found images and personal photographs in visual collages, intuitively making and imaginatively dialoguing with cards that symbolize aspects of themselves, community allies and mentors, and other vital resources for their lives. In addition to SoulCollage® workshops for groups, I provide one-to-one support and personalized SoulCollage® retreats.

I have also completed a two-year certification program in focusing through The International Focusing Institute, under the supervision of Beth Mahler and Maria Skoufas. Developed by Eugene Gendlin, focusing is an intuitive meditation practice for accessing the wisdom of the body to enhance self-awareness, healing, creativity, dreamwork, spirituality, and relationships with others. I integrate focusing in my offerings for both individuals and groups: for example, in guided meditations.

In addition, I am a certified labyrinth facilitator, trained by Lauren Artress through her non-profit organization, Veriditas. I design and lead creative and contemplative labyrinth walks, including online gatherings in which participants trace a handheld labyrinth.

I earned a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Educational Studies: Literacy, Language, and Culture from the University of Michigan. I have worked as a writing professor, a literacy education researcher, a writing teacher educator, an academic writing coach for faculty and graduate students, and an English language teacher for multilingual adults, adolescents, and children. In my current workshops and retreats, I offer reflective writing activities that help participants to explore their life experiences and to deepen their spirituality.

I am a member of The International Focusing Institute, Spiritual Directors International, and World of SoulCollage®.

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