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individual appointment

  • 1 hour
  • 80 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting


* Experience focusing meditation, with the support of a certified trainer. * Practice conscious embodiment. * Access your deepest intuitions for fresh insight and renewed energy. * Discover and integrate your body's healing wisdom. * Explore opportunities for creative action revealed by your felt sense. In preparation for our meeting, please discern what you might like to explore in your focusing session: for example, a vivid experience, a recurring theme/pattern in your life, a recent opportunity/challenge, a dream, a creative expression, an evocative quote, or an open-ended question. During our meeting, I will offer you a guided meditation, inviting you to become more fully present and receptive to your body's wisdom. Then I will facilitate your focusing experience through deep listening, meaningful reflections, and intuitive questions. Finally, I will support your explorations of what emerged during your focusing session: What do you notice? How do you feel? What next steps might feel right for you? PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: * The fee for 50-60 minutes of individual focusing meditation is $80. If you need an adjusted rate, please discuss this possibility with me during your free initial consultation. * You may pay before our meeting or afterward by invoice. For an invoice, please select "Pay in person" in the payment drop-down menu when booking your appointment. * To cancel or to reschedule, please contact me ( at least 24 hours in advance of our meeting for a refund. Otherwise, you will be charged the designated fee for the appointment. * If you arrive for an appointment more than 10 minutes late, the meeting will be canceled, yet you will nevertheless be charged for the full session. * Similarly, if I invite you to reschedule an appointment, with less than 24 hours of notice, you will not be charged for the replacement meeting.

Contact Details

(734) 474-4603

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