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Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

30-week extended personal retreat following a 4-week orientation

  • 34 hours
  • 2,250 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting


Rooted in centuries of Christian mysticism, the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises renew seekers' sense of meaning, purpose, and hope. This extended personal "retreat in everyday life" invites you to embrace profound spiritual transformation and to release what no longer serves. Through creative prayer practices, you will deepen your relationship with the divine and discern important growth opportunities. * PERSONALIZED: Each week, I will offer you “spiritual exercises,” or daily prayer activities tailored for your particular gifts and challenges, which you can explore at your own pace. * IMAGINATIVE: Many of these prayer activities will involve your imaginative entry into scenes from Jesus' life, which I will facilitate through guided meditations. * CREATIVE: I will also provide guidance for sacred experiences with nature (e.g., walking meditation) and the expressive arts (e.g., SoulCollage®). * TRANSFORMATIVE: These prayer activities will enliven your mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit, supporting your holistic spiritual development. * UNITIVE: In this way, the spiritual exercises will invite you to become more receptive and responsive to the divine presence in "all things." * REFLECTIVE: During this extended retreat, you will meet weekly with me on Zoom to process your experiences and to integrate the gifts of your journey. * EXPERIENTIAL: Your lived experiences of spiritual growth are central in this retreat. PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: * If you decide to register after your free consultation, you will be billed for a $150 deposit, which will serve as your first payment toward the total fee of $2,250. * Subsequently, you will receive a monthly $300 invoice for seven months, which you may pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. * If you cancel your registration before the orientation, your initial deposit will be refunded, and no additional monthly payments will be collected. * If you cancel your registration after the orientation has started but before the retreat has begun, your deposit will not be refunded. However, no additional monthly payments will be charged. * If you cancel your registration after commencing the retreat, your payments to date will not be reimbursed. However, no additional monthly payments will be due. * Given changes in your schedule, your progress through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises may require more than 30 weeks.

Contact Details

(734) 474-4603

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