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Dream Circle

seven monthly group gatherings

  • 14 hours
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting


* Enhance your inner work, with the support of a Jungian-trained dreamworker. * Enjoy fellowship with a collaborative, compassionate, confidential group of dreamers chosen by you. * Learn creative ways to explore the symbolic richness of your dreams. * Renew your vitality by engaging with the life-giving energies of your own and others' dreams. * Experience guided meditations. In preparation for our monthly dream circle gathering on Zoom, please choose a dream that you would like to explore: for example, a recent dream, a recurring dream, or a memorable dream from a previous season of your life. To aid your memory during our meeting, write a narrative account of your dream in the present tense (e.g., “I am walking through the neighborhood at night, down a path that leads directly to the beach. Suddenly, a dark wave rushes toward me.”) Writing in the present tense can help you to reconnect more fully with your dream and to remember forgotten details. You might also enjoy giving your dream a working title (e.g., "Dark Wave"). It is important that you feel safe enough to explore the dream that you decide to share with the group. PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: * Each dream circle includes two to six group members in addition to me, the facilitator. Please invite friends with whom you feel safe enough to share your dreams. * To establish a dreamwork relationship among group members, participation in a dream circle requires a commitment of at least seven months. * The fee for six monthly two-hour dream circle meetings is $150 total, or $25 per gathering. If you need an adjusted rate, please discuss this possibility with me during your free initial consultation. You may pay the emailed invoice by credit/debit card or PayPal. * Free of charge, the seventh meeting of each dream-circle cycle is devoted to group celebration, future planning, and/or creative dreamwork activities. * If you cancel your registration at least 24 hours before the first group meeting, you will receive a refund. Otherwise, you will be charged the designated fee, even in the event of absence during the seven-month dream-circle cycle. Please contact me by email ( * After each seven-month cycle, you can renew your commitment to the dream circle. * With the unanimous vote of the group, new members are welcome to join the dream circle at the beginning of each seven-month cycle.

Contact Details

(734) 474-4603

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